About Us

We (the co-founders) both joined new employers individually, only to find that the workplace cultures were not what we had expected, resulting in a frustrating and un-motivating working experience.

This inspired us to provide an unbiased information source on Australian companies and workplace culture, to help others avoid the same experience.

WorkplaceFit was born.

Being apart of a labour force that changes employers approximately every two years, we feel transparency regarding workplaces and their cultures is a necessary tool for job seekers. With today’s technology and level of social interaction, the days of whispers over the water cooler are over, and the time to start sharing our workplace experiences, in a safe environment, is here.

We see WorkplaceFit as an essential resource for employees and job seekers, but also important for employers, as it provides valuable insights into what their employees love, and maybe not so much love, about their workplace.

We would to see WorkplaceFit becoming a relied and trusted source of information on workplaces and their cultures, equipping every user with the power of helpful information when either considering that next career move, or looking at ways to retain employees.

To put it simply, WorkplaceFit brings employees and employers together, to find their ‘fit’.

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What is WorkplaceFit?

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