What is WorkplaceFit?

WorkplaceFit is an Australian employer review website, providing past and present employees the opportunity to voice anonymous opinions and ratings, based on real life experiences.

For employees, WorkplaceFit provides transparency into workplace culture, employee benefits, and a typical working day. Along with employee-employer ‘fit’ recommendations, WorkplaceFit gives jobseekers a deeper look than ever before.

For employers, striving to attract and retain the best talent, the website gives a unique vantage point into what people really want. It is a facility for employers to promote their brand within their industry, and identifies what they do well, and what they can do better, through open, constructive feedback.

Why use WorkplaceFit?

  • Have your say- it's anonymous!
    Tell the world about your workplace...
    This is your time to shine...well anonymously anyway! WorkplaceFit welcomes open and constructive reviews and hopes that this safe environment fosters all to leave their valuable thoughts, that will benefit others along the way, and maybe you one day too!
  • Job seeking?
    Compare workplaces that fit you...
    There is nothing worse for your enthusiasm or career, than interviewing, asking all the right questions, and then taking the big plunge, only to find when walking through the door, the 'fit' with your new employer isn't quite right. WorkplaceFit is here to equip you with as much information as you possible, to make that all important decision!
  • Build the 'fit' community
    Leave honest reviews to help employees fit...
    In reality, not all workplaces and employees are going to gel. Despite the best efforts by you and your employer to ensure the fit is there during the interview process, the 'culture' aspect can be overlooked, or simply not defined accurately. By bringing together our real-life experiences, potential employees will have the transparency they desire, and employers will achieve the fit that they require.
  • It's not just about the salary
    Why do you really get up in the morning?
    Research has shown that for most people, salary actually isn’t the biggest driver of workplace satisfaction. The working day is gradually getting longer, and as we spend more time within the workplace amongst our managers and colleagues, our surrounds, culture and facilities are becoming even more important to our job satisfaction.

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What is WorkplaceFit?

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