Review Etiquette

Although we can understand, nothing feels better than a good vent (and we know we’ve all done it!) WorkplaceFit encourages members to write open and constructive company reviews, so we've put together a few pointers to follow:

  1. Be FAIR, CONSTRUCTIVE, and we love positive!
    Keep it factual, honest and balanced. Remember every cloud has a silver lining!
  2. Keep it ANONYMOUS - no names, role titles, or specifics to identify personnel
    All reviews are anonymous, which makes it a safe environment for all to come, leave their valuable thoughts, and access others along the way. So please, no names or titles of colleagues, managers or customers, any specifics of that nature, and no confidential information.
  3. Keep it CLEAN - no profanity, offensive language or defamatory content!
    In order for others to benefit from your valuable experience, please try and stick to the facts and don't include inappropriate language or content.
  4. Have FUN!
    As we've said, this is your time to shine and have some fun, so leave a review for all your past employers!

We at WorkplaceFit want all users to have a positive experience and enjoy sharing their knowledge safely. Together, we can continue to provide an environment where workplace experiences can be shared, and those in need of information on a particular workplace, can be provided with a constructive and balanced view point.

If you are about to write a review, or already have, we at WorkplaceFit would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to do so. A complete stranger may just benefit from your review very soon!


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