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Central VIC  Victoria

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Weaknesses Work Life Balance
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Salary & Financial Rewards
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Health & Well-Being
Career & Training Opportunities
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Day in the life

Work Environment? "Neutral and sterile"
Job Security? "Insecure"
Typical working hours? "8AM - 5AM"
Motivating Managers? "Not motivating"
Feeling of Achievement? "Achieved a little"
Majority communication via? "Technology"
Lunch Break? "30 minutes or more"


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Reviewed Tue, 2012-07-31 22:43

"Good once, now turned"

Review Period:
2006 to 2011

Once a great place to work. Some things still good or have improved like 'health and well being', 'CEO acknowledgement', flexible work hours for some staff and salary increases depending on which agreement your contract falls under. The areas that need most improvement are career and training, performance appraisals, leadership, openness of business goals, collaboration between teams and departments, business direction not clear and overall vibe.
Once a great place to work. [more]

Day in the life

Role/Level: Mid-Level / Experienced

Employment Type: Full-time

Work Environment? Neutral and sterile
Job Security? Insecure
Typical working hours? 8AM - 5AM
Motivating Managers? Not motivating
Feeling of Achievement? Achieved a little
Majority communication via? Technology
Lunch Break? 30 minutes or more

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