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Day in the life

Work Environment? "Stressed and negative"
Job Security? "Insecure"
Typical working hours? "8AM - 5PM"
Motivating Managers? "Somewhat motivating"
Feeling of Achievement? "Achieved nothing"
Majority communication via? "Technology"
Lunch Break? "30 minutes or more"


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Reviewed Sat, 2012-05-05 17:52

"Has Potential - Poor Senior Leadership"

Review Period:
2011 to 2012

The Mirvac motto is "Creating Great Places To Work". Whilst Mirvac have put in place a set of values and a program to drive these values, senior leadership seems to hand over leadership to external consulting agencies that have been given what some wold say, unlimited power. In late 2011, Mirvac invited Boston Consulting Group in to help shape the companies future. On delivery of their report, Mirvac decided to bring in another consulting firm, CACE partners to implement the recommendations made by Boston Consulting. Move forward to mid 2012 and Mirvac are currently undertaking a program to restructure the business which will see a head count reduction in order to meet the fincial targets. Unfortunaley Mirvac is a very uninspiring company to work for. It is a case of more talk than action. The senior leadership team are incapable of leading and do not inspire there people. Whilst there are some great people who work at Mirvac, many are frustrated by being unble to implement changes to benefit th business .
The Mirvac motto is "Creating Great Places To Work". [more]

Day in the life

Role/Level: Mid-Level / Experienced

Employment Type: Full-time

Work Environment? Stressed and negative
Job Security? Insecure
Typical working hours? 8AM - 5PM
Motivating Managers? Somewhat motivating
Feeling of Achievement? Achieved nothing
Majority communication via? Technology
Lunch Break? 30 minutes or more

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